“Never Political. Never Deliberately Offensive.”

Singer-Songwriter, Producer & Entrepreneur.

Jay has performed in almost every theatre and concert hall throughout the UK, worked as part of an international singing group and performed with a number of A-listed celebrities. 

Jay started as a young, shy, hopeful dreamer to become a singer who then had the luck of being in the formally known at “The Spot” in Covent Garden, London and met Navi & Faye Treadwell who loved his performance and presence. And, so therefore hired him to go on an international tour within three days of first meeting Jay. 

Blown away by the answers to all his prayers, he then continued to work with the group until he gained enough confidence to try the big challenge of a solo career.

Here, Jay was introduced to Alan Glass, a songwriter & musician who remains loyal and mentored Jay to this present day. The collaboration has created some truly wonderful songs and allowed Jay to further develop his songwriting skills.

In conjunction, Jay developed a great friendship with Mark Meylan an inspirational singing tutor who fine-tuned his voice and opened up so many amazing opportunities.

Jay’s first album, “Artistic Licence”, was released in 2010 under Hurricane Music and aggregated by The Orchard. This embodied his developing skills and the freedom to write a record with the outcome he wanted to get. There are a variety of vibrant songs to suit most musical tastes and to this day he is really proud of that creation.

Four Seasons, the latest album from Jay Antonio is an eclectic mix of Pop, Soul and Reggae. Jay forms together with his influences from the greats of Lionel Richie and Shaggy mixed with the freedom of creation of expression. His music has meaning, direction and feels an obligation to try to improve our view of others around us; to make the world a better place through his art.

Jay Antonio performs and writes for you, the people. The money he earns only goes into the next album and if any surplus goes to good causes. If you ever have the pleasure to see him perform, you’ll instantly feel the love, the passion and professionalism he puts into his performances with well over a thousand shows and counting!

One Love Always!

Jay Antonio

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