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Four Seasons

September 21, 2018

Pop, RnB, Soul & Reggae

Jay Antonio

Four Seasons
In The Mix by Jay Antonio
Give Me Life by Jay Antonio
It's A Better Day by Jay Antonio
I Wanna See You Love by Jay Antonio
Boomerang by Jay Antonio
Beautiful World by Jay Antonio
Ma Ma Gi' Me Bottle by Jay Antonio
Do You Believe? by Jay Antonio
Primal Instincts by Jay Antonio
One Love Me Too by Jay Antonio
Living in Two Worlds by Jay Antonio
My Kitti Cat by Jay Antonio
DWBF Don't Wanna Be Lovers by Jay Antonio

“Four Seasons”, the latest album from Jay Antonio is an eclectic mix of Pop, Soul and Reggae. Jay Antonio forms together his influences from the greats of Lionel Richie and Shaggy mixed with the freedom of creation and expression. His music has meaning, direction and feels an obligation to try to improve our view of others around us; to make the world a better place through his art.

Contact Jay Direct on +44 (0)7768 914 488 or Email on [email protected]


Jay Antonio Interview

Radio Interview

BBC Radio Kent - The Dominic King Show


Singer Songwriter Composer.

My aim is simply to improve the world through loving all good people.

Jay Antonio has performed in almost every theatre and concert hall throughout the UK, worked as part of an international singing group and performed with a number of A-Listed performers. 

Jay Antonio started as a young, shy, hopeful dreamer to become a singer who then had the luck of being in the formally known “Spot” in Covent Gardens, London and met Navi & Faye Treadwell who loved his performance and presence. And, so he hired him to go on an international tour within three days of first meeting him. 


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