The Journey

The Drifters Tour and Beyond

Having spent four to five years working with the Group and Johnny Moore touring globally in some of the most prestigious venues, my ambitious character got the better of me as I was writing songs and learning music production as well as taking Singing Lessons after being thrown into the deep end I wanted to step up my game!

My cousin Martin introduced me to a music songwriter and producer Alan Glass. Here are some of the people Alan wrote and produced for:

“Perfect Combination” / “Heartbreak Look”
by Stacy Lattisaw & Johnny Gill

Cotillion | 1984

“Shiver” / “While The City Sleeps”
by George Benson

Warner Bros. Records | 1986

“Frantic Romantic”
by Jermaine Stewart

Arista | 1986

by Kenny G

Arista | 1986

“Souvenirs” (LP, Album)
by Jenny Burton

Atlantic | 1986

“Love is Blind” from Freedom
by Tramaine Hawkins

A&M Records | 1987

“Get Close To My Love”
by Jennifer Holliday

Geffen Records | 1987

“Save the Last Dance for Me”
by Ben E. King and The Drifters

Manhattan Records | 1987

by Philip Michael Thomas

Atlantic, Spaceship Records | 1988

“Verge of Love”
by 荻野目洋子 [Yoko Oginome]

Victor | 1988

“Layin’ In Wait” (CD, Album) 
by Lenny Williams

Crush Music | 1989

“Stand Strong”
by Junior Giscombe

MCE Records | 1990

“The Best of Romantics” (CD)
by Kenny G

Not On Label | 1994

“Rise and Shine Again!”
by Aswad

Blow Up, Intercord | 1995

“Why You Wanna Do Me?”
by Deniece Williams

Upstage Records | 1996

So Alan took my songwriting to a whole another level and made it fun in the process. The first song we did was, “Don’t Keep Me Hanging On” with Elisha La’Verne.

Then, eventually we wrote ‘Gimme Gimme’ which is performed by myself (originally as Jahson in 2009). This was then followed by the my first album ‘Artistic Licence’ released in 2010/11. This album took me five years to complete, being the first and the hardest as I had never worked on anything to this level before.

I am very proud of it all – it’s the same eclectic rainbow of music which I have always loved to create and I’m sure that I have a sound like no other.

I know industry-wise at that time focusing on one specific genre and fanbase was the absolute norm, but being brought up in London and its diverse cultures and musical influences, I had no choice but to reflect the environment I came from.

Jahson, meaning a son of God in Jamaican. My experience throughout my life has engraved in stone my belief in the Creator. I certainly don’t expect anyone to do all as I do. I respect all loving caring inclusive religions. Although I do not affiliate to any in particular as believe solely in the Creator. Well, also his messengers.

My music comes only from him or her and the gift I have been given. I remain true to my heart and my emotions. I write and sing about life experiences, but also like to travel to other realms of my imagination and see where it takes me.

It may sound simple but love, peace and unity is my mindset and I’ll be honest I do avoid any human being that carries hate for any nationality or pigment over Individuality. I find that way of thinking primitive and unhelpful in society. To love all of humanity so long as they are not evil is my way. Full stop!

P.S. Yes, I can fall in love and potentially marry anyone from any part of the globe. I am very proud of that and it feels amazing!


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