The Do’s, The Don’ts & The Ideals… In a Nut Shell

OK, so first, I don’t do drugs or cheat so this is from my personal perspective. Just as in any profession, e.g. athletics to a train driver. Cheating or using a substance to improve your skills is not natural and unfair full stop.

The Do’s

Yep as a pro, it’s got to be one of the greatest feelings in the whole world watching thousands or even a hundred people singing or applauding you on stage, especially if it’s music you wrote or created. If your lucky, as I was you will have a 4-star plus hotel room and lots of time in the day to go shopping before the show.

Signing autographs, getting knickers thrown at you, lots of lipstick on your cheek and offers of marriage haha! Once you’re associated with a big brand people follow in droves and yes there is seldom another experience that can surpass the recognition and adoration you get.

The Dont’s

Its hard to understand as a bystander how complicated dealing with screaming adoring fans can be. Most people only see what’s on stage but not the real you.

Getting in sexual relations with the audience can be a serious brand breaker. You are never in one place for long when touring, so inevitably insecurities set in. Seeing others try to bed your lover for most people is a definite no-no.

Family life means you miss weddings, funerals, birthdays and much much more. Waking up in a different bed almost every night in a new town is very unbalancing and disorientates most performers and musicians. Missing your partner month after month while being around thousands of people but yet still lonely and longing for the one person you love.


The perfect tour is being able to invite friends and family all paid for with VIP tickets. Touring no more than six months out of any year so you have time to go home and be with the ones you care about and take care of business. Essential.

Constantly having enough free time to learn and develop your skills. No matter how great you think you are! You can always be better. Make good friends and associates on the road but choose wisely and encounter them in more natural environments. Then decide how to proceed.

I spent many years touring all over the world with The Drifters and as a Solo Performer for almost 20 years. from the biggest to the smallest venues, People skills and learning to control emotions on stage is a must. Always look for the best in people first, even when they are rude or insult you. A calm smile and a thank you take you much further in this world than a punch!


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